Achieving potential
All you need to maximize your oil & gas production, quick
Do you know how much your wells produce?
Are you sure your wells produce at 100% potential?
Or at 50%, or at 10%...
What’s your number?
To get to your number there are 3 questions to answer:
1 2 3
Where are you now ?
– calculate the current production
1 2 3
Where you should be ?
– calculate the potential production and the performance gap
1 2 3
What needs to be done to get you there ?
– develop and an action plan to close the gaps
Sounds easy?
But when we first started we quickly realized what we spent 80% of our time on the data mining and only 20% on the engineering.
Modern dot-com technology
To turn this around we utilized the modern dot-com technology and developed the E&P portal - online tool which will focus your engineering time.
Introducing the E&P Portal
  • E&P Portal is a performance modeling service that revolutionizes the way E&P companies manage their production and development.
  • E&P Portal is a service to collect, store, organize, visualize, model and analyze the E&P data which will identify production enhancement opportunities and maximize production and recovery.
  • E&P Portal is cloud based and accessed by a web browser. Simply, you can see what your company is doing from a smart phone, tablet or computer with unlimited seats within a company, anywhere anytime.
E&P Portal - Typical applications
Service for the E&P company which:
  • Collects production and surface facility data into one place
  • Organizes and visualize production and geology data
  • Automates Petroleum Engineering calculations
  • Calculates the company's production volumes and send reports
  • Models the performance gaps for the wellstock and waterfloods
  • Identifies production enhancement opportunities
  • Provides executives and finance a dashboard with top-line production, spend and performance view
Software for the Consulting & Service companies for:
  • Production Performance Gap Analysis
  • Reservoir Management Studies
  • Waterflood Performance Reviews
  • Technical Audits
  • Datarooms and Data Mining
  • Load, View and Analyze the big E&P data sets quick
E&P Portal - Modules and Workflows
Dispatch Office
Surface Facilities
Engineering Workflows
Get organized with the E&P data
Dispatch Office
What’s the Production looks like today?
Surface Facilities
What is the last 2hr plant gas production looks like?
Leverage the SCADA
Downhole Equipment
Artificial Lift
How much this ESP produced vs MTBF?
What is my ROP for this well today?
What is my AVG NPT this month?
Engineering Workflows
Push the “red button” - it’s time for production gains!
developed by petroleum engineers
while managing the oil & gas fields
Don Wolcott
co-founder and inspirer
Mikhail Tuzovskiy
co-founder and product lead
Andrey Karmanov
production technology expert
Vyacheslav Guk
technical expert
Alexander Bondarenko
project architecture and development
Pavel Belolipetskiy
mathematics and development
Igor Frolenkov
project architecture and development
Maxim Nazhalov
mobile and web developer
Georgiy Protsykov
mathematics and development
Mariya Bychina
reservoir engineer
SPE ATCE 2016, Dubai
SPE ATCE 2017, San Antonio, Texas

What is Potential?
How to get there?
What Potential we are talking about?
No magic, it’s all about Math and Physics
How to get to potential?
E&P Portal is enabling tool to get to potential
Benefit with E&P Portal
Identify Production Performance Gaps
Get the Top Well Enhancement Candidates List in real time
Maximize Production and Recovery
Apply built-in Reservoir Engineering Workflows for the Field Development Optimization
Build Transparency and Unify Business Process
Use the same data, formats, equations and workflows through the Company's Cloud
Become Platform Independent
Work at any platform, any browser and any device with unlimited seats within a company, anywhere anytime
Stay Current on how the company is doing now
Get instant executive overview with the E&P Dashboard and start getting regular production reports via emails and messengers
Enable Staff to Deliver on Job Description
Increase staff performance with automated working seats
Get Extra Help with Petroleum Engineering
Automate routine calculations with Petroleum Engineering Robot
Save Data Access Costs
Easily upload the data into the system and download report out of it
Success Stories
It’s free for the personal use!
Get your own web E&P database
Get your performance gaps closed
Get The Production Curve Up
Not sure yet?
What if you are not producing at potential?
How much money is this?
Want a Demo?
It’s free to give it a try!
Our Team will help to:
  • Set up your own web E&P database
  • Provide the introduction training
  • Calculate your Potential Number for you
If you want to try it yourself: We have the fully functional EP Demo database online, it’s free to use
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